Domestic Violence And Its Impact On Children

Domestic violence is a very large and dynamic topic simply because there are several aspects of a persons characteristics that gets affected and negatively so. There are many reports of people who had to undergo several weeks of therapy in order to live a peaceful and productive life within their respected society. Because of the diverse amounts of data experts have gathered throughout tens and tens of years I was able to understand just how underprivileged many children are when they face domestic violence on a daily basis.

Children from as young as five years old should be placed within the first stages of the education system but if the home from which the child resides experiences frequent and continuous domestic violence, that child could start producing poor grades. This is a very big deal in my book simply because it is a child’s right to be educated and be allowed to interact with other children of the same age. Consider this scenario for a moment as you try to compare it to your life: A child naturally has a talent for mathematics but due to the domestic disputes and sudden outbursts of violence, cannot continue their studies in mental peace. This child belongs to a poor lower class family who has tremendous financial issues therefore, books and other important material can not be brought. Should this child be denied the chance to a proper education where they could grow to be the most significant financial provider thus, uplifting the entire situation of the family?

Sometimes people forget just how important education is, even for the poor or the domestically violated. Genius and talent does not only come from the wealthy parts of the world, it just looks like that because the rich has more opportunities. It is because of issues such as these that the governments of many countries devised various systems to curb or totally eliminate this occurrence within their jurisdiction. Some world renowned economic experts say that the real measure of a nation is defined by the way they manage their youths. This naturally manifests itself through the methods they choose to reduce domestic violence in order to promote education initiatives.

The future is in our children so feel free to adopt positive attitudes when interacting with children around you. Try to detect any signs that a child may show that indicates strife and malice in his or her life because by reporting this to the appropriate authorities you can save an innocent child or a budding prodigy.