Five Easy Steps To Write A Persuasive Essay On Politics

A persuasive essay is one in which writer persuades the reader to give an opinion. It can be either for or against the topic. These are not like the regular ones. In this, the writer should have the deep knowledge about both the sides of the topic. This needs a deep research of the topic.

Here are the five steps for writing the persuasive essay. These steps should be followed carefully to write error-free matter.

  • Planning and Prewriting:
  • It’s the most important part of quality. The writer should plan and prepare thoroughly before writing. You should think about the topic at the moment and give your opinions on it. You should also do deep research on the topic. An outline should be given to the structure of the persuasive essay.

    • Introduction
    • Body
    • View from opposing end
    • Conclusion
  • Drafting:
  • In this part, the outline should be discussed thoroughly. The introduction part should include what the matter is about. The body should cover the opinions. It should also include the facts and figures found in the research. The conclusion part should include all the key aspects. It should be deep yet thought-provoking.

  • Revision:
  • In this part, know about the strength and weakness of the matter so that the content can be improved.

  • Editing:
  • The content should be edited before giving to someone else. It should be proofread along with the correction of spelling mistakes and grammar.

  • Hand on:
  • After it is completed, it is time to hand it on to the reader so that he/she can give feedback after reading it.

After following the above five steps for writing, you can write the persuasive piece on politics in a simple and easy way. These steps will help you to write the attractive matter. For writing a correct and attractive matter, one need to follow the above steps carefully while writing. If the steps are followed precisely then, the accurate matter will be written without any mistakes or errors. If the above steps are not followed properly, then it may have errors. So, if you want to have an error-free matter, then work on it sequentially as listed above. This is how the writing should be done to get an attractive matter and the one with no errors. If you want to be a professional writer, then write according to the above points.