A Good Formula For A High School Essay About Dengue

With over one third of the globe’s population residing in regions at risk for infection, dengue virus is recognized as leading cause of various diseases and death in subtropics and tropics. In point of fact, annually, as many as four hundred million people are infected. In addition, dengue is caused by any one of related viruses that are mainly transmitted by mosquitoes.

Due to the fact that dengue is a serious virus that could lead to countless of severe illnesses and may even lead to death, health organizations globally are so alarmed and would like to exert greater effort in raising awareness about this fatal virus. And as a way of educational institutes’ collaboration with this noble purpose, many professors these days choose dengue as topic when giving students some writing projects to work on. This is perceived as a very effective means to spread information about dengue to people around the world.

Are there good formulas to consider when working on a high school essay on dengue?

Assuredly, if the writer decides to use a blueprint such as a conventional 5-paragraph essay makes composing a good writing piece less stressful and challenging. In truth, when you incorporate that plan with pre-writing, doing the draft, working on revisions and proofreading phases of the writing process, an excellent essay becomes less complicated.

Take note of the following guides:

  • Every essay must contain proper structure. It is crucial for an essay to be broken into paragraphs so that it will become easier to read. In so doing, the essay will flow smoothly in a logical approach.
  • Each paragraph calls for specific requirements such as the statement wherein this will serve as the primary point of the paragraph; explanation where the writer needs to clearly explain what he or she said in his or her statement; example where the writer has to provide examples such as a fact, a quote or something concrete that provides proof to his or her statement; and importance wherein the writer needs to explain the reason why the point he or she made in the paragraph is significant.
  • Consider having essay plans. Such plans help give the writer an essay structure and this shall greatly help the writer avoid missing adding vital points in the writing piece. Get some essay help if you're struggling with your writing assignments.

It is true that writing isn’t an easy process. But, it can be practiced constantly to hone your writing skills. Be reminded that practice makes perfect. Regularly practicing how to write properly can definitely work wonders.