Biology Essay Topics

These topics are useful in acquiring information from all fields of study. You will get to learn about ecology, disease, genetic procedures, and research. You will get exposed to different types of information once you begin your research.

  1. Significance of Water in Biology
  2. Definition of Adolescence According to Biology and Society
  3. Progress in Biotechnology
  4. Temperature and Alcohol Concentration Affects Permeability
  5. Examining the Biology of Aloe Vera Plant
  6. Impact of Load Carriage and Incline on Human Walking
  7. Examining Spinach Pigmentation During Photosynthesis
  8. The Relation of Genetics to Allergies
  9. The Role of Genetics in Morals
  10. The virus is classified as a Living Being
  11. Advantages of Cholesterol to Development of the brain
  12. Importance of Human Cloning
  13. Principles of Biochemical and Biophysical
  14. Career Paths Stemming From Biology
  15. Reasons for Psychogenic Dwarfism
  16. The good and bad of cloning
  17. Differences and Similarities between Meiosis and Mitosis
  18. The Difference between Genetic Information In Eukaryotes and Prokaryotes
  19. Science and Spiritual Reasons For Saving The Environment
  20. Ethical Issues in Stem Cell Research
  21. Role of Computers in Predicting Results of Cutting DNA
  22. Individuality Perspectives in Treatment of Autism
  23. Relationship between Biology and Male Homosexuality
  24. Is Crying Form of Stress Relief
  25. Reduction in Population of Loggerhead Sea Turtle
  26. What are Endocrine Hormones
  27. The Functions of Macromolecules in Biology
  28. Is Homosexuality a Choice according to Biology
  29. The Impact of Increased Light Intensity on Photosynthesis 
  30. The Impact of Cholesterol on Membrane Fluidity
  31. Impact on the Activity of the Enzyme Catalase by Substrate Concentration
  32. The outcome of Medical and Recreational Marijuana use
  33. Impact of Ultra-Violet Radiation
  34. Controversies Behind Human Cloning
  35. The Main Compounds of Biology
  36. The Role and Structure of Haemoglobin and Myoglobin
  37.  The Importance of Growth Hormones
  38. Structure for Writing a Biology Review Paper
  39. Impact of Biology in my Life
  40. The Effect of Light Intensity on Photosynthesis
  41. Biological Perspective on Serial Killers
  42. The Functioning of the Immune System
  43. The History and Development of Human Cloning
  44. The shaping of Human Development By Experience and Biology
  45. Different Perspectives on Human Evolution
  46. The relevance of Geographic Isolation
  47. The significance of the Human Genome Project
  48. Examining The Impact of Teeth Cleaning Agents On Bacterial Growth
  49. Does High Dosages of Glutamine Cause Diseases
  50. The Main Features of Marine Biology
  51. My Take on Biology
  52. Mitigating Oral Cancer
  53. Outline of Diabetes
  54. Outline of Molecular Biology
  55. The Relevance of DNA
  56. The Different Perspectives of Mental Illness
  57. Steps of Human Cloning
  58. How To Separate Proteins
  59. How To Mitigate Rotavirus
  60. The Relationship between Humans and Dogs
  61. Importance of Water in Living Organisms and as an Environment for the Organisms
  62. Survival of the Fittest as a Defence Strategy in Nature
  63. Examining the virility of Plant Fibres
  64. Cloning Defined in Ethics
  65. The Function of Biology