Helpful Hints On Writing A Persuasive Essay On Marijuana

While it is true that marijuana has been legalized in some states in US, it is still considered a very sensitive topic to discuss and write about especially in class. However, teachers often give writing tasks to their students and such project covers a wide range of topics ranging from easy, sensitive to difficult subject matters. And, due to the fact that writing is regarded as a very valuable component of obtaining academic success, students do not have any choice but to ensure submitting essays that are informative, substantial and able to follow all the necessary requirements.

If you are to write a persuasive essay about marijuana, perhaps, the problems that lingers in your mind is how you are going to get started and how you will tackle such a sensitive topic in your writing project. The truth is, you are not alone, even professional writers would still find some sort of difficulty in handling such a sensitive subject which is still despised and not accepted in many nations.

Here are some useful hints when writing a persuasive essay about marijuana:

  • It is imperative to format your arguments as well as ideas in a logical and sustained approach. Take in mind that is quite necessary to make use of certain rhetorical devices that can fully back up your assertions. For instance, you may consider analogy, relate a personal anecdote, appeal to belief or emotion, case study and appeal to logic by means of reasoning.
  • Defend and shed light on positions with the use of relevant and of course precise proof such as quotations, facts, expressions of generally accepted logical reasoning and beliefs and expert opinions.
  • It is also crucial to address the expectations, counterclaims, concerns and biases of your target readers.
  • Because your argument shall serve as your thesis, it is just right to make it clear it once. You may consider having at least 2 good solid reasons to fully back up your stance of the argument. Be sure to develop each of the reasons with distinct forms of proof.
  • The evidence that you can use must be based on details that back up your reasons or hinged on facts.
  • Always anticipate and address the objections of your target readers in your persuasive essay.
  • Take into account that when you decide to include a disagreement which someone may have to your stance, it is essential to disclose why your idea is more solid as compared to your opponent’s argument.
  • Of course, it is a must to finish with a clear, excellent and strong conclusion wherein you re-state your main thesis concisely and precisely.