Argumentative Essay Titles

Learners and essay writing are synonymous as essays form part of their school curricula. An argumentative essay is a key critical component of helping students learn. Learners need to choose a captivating title that ensures their essays are top grade. Titles make the first impression of your work with your readers. To draw them in to read your argumentative essay, ensure your title stands out. So do you need some title inspiration to write your essay?

Top Choice Argumentative Essay Titles

A learner should pick a theme that is both unique and easy to research. You need to settle on a title that will kick start your writing. Doing so is never easy for most learners, but here is a catalog of argumentative essay titles to inspire your writing.

  • Is the existing tax policy effective?
  • Do men earn higher salaries than ladies in the corporate sector?
  • Should Shakespeare constitute a portion of the university curricula?
  • Is university training becoming too costly?
  • Are exam tallies the sole approach to evaluate the aptitude of a learner?
  • Girls should pick STEM courses.
  • It is worth the trouble to get a university degree
  • Young people on the media don’t understand the meaning of online privacy
  • Faith completes life
  • Current learners face more social pressures than before witnessed
  • The past can’t define you.
  • Measure to take on USA’s gun control
  • Why parental gender-neutrality is important. The definition of roles should not occur
  • #metoo crusade’s impact on relationships.
  • A knowledgeable individual isn’t essentially smart
  • Photo-shopping models ought to stop in beauty magazines
  • Guardians should punish children physically
  • It is immoral to deny a patient treatment based on affordability
  • Should North and South Korea unify?
  • Socialism vs. capitalism. Which can profit society better?
  • Is homeschooling superior to the education system in public schools?
  • Smartphones aid the process of learning
  • Is single-sex learning better than co-education?
  • Are GMOs harmless for human intake?
  • Do fast foods pose grave threats to human wellbeing, or are they healthy?
  • Why teens idolize celebrities
  • Teens are happy to talk on social platforms than talking on a physical level
  • Is it important to legalize tattooing of kids under the age of 18 years?
  • Is exam moderation helpful to learners?
  • A bad experience in high school shapes personality
  • Does the system of education prepare a learner for actual life?
  • Does life exist after death?
  • Gender equality rules our society
  • Importance of removing irrelevant subjects from high school curricula
  • Is high school hate crime growing?
  • You don’t hinge success on hard work alone
  • Is age consideration important in relationships?
  • Moms make superior parents naturally
  • You should not give kids personal cellphones
  • Politics are never fair and clean
  • Suitable school-going age for kids
  • Should learners evaluate their instructors?
  • It’s important to ban metal songs due to violent lyrics.
  • Are there advantages and disadvantages of virtual friendships?
  • Which music category helps learners to study?
  • Can society as a unit preserve energy?
  • Does playing vicious video games add to individual aggressiveness in actual life?
  • How real is reality television to life?
  • Do girls experience an extra societal burden than men?
  • The gravest challenge leaners face today?
  • Is it important to reward good test scores with cash?
  • Should the rich pay extra taxes compared to the poor?
  • Cartoons are superior to movies
  • Instructors vs. Parents: who has a greater role in mentoring a child?
  • Economic effects of the cotton gin


Most great essays have effective and captivating titles, and an argumentative essay is no exception. The title catalog will inspire a great start to your writing. Remember to adhere to the principles of writing a good argumentative essay to make your essay stand out.