Best Topics for Speeches and Essays

Whether you are in the university, college, or high school, you will, at some point, need to write a persuasive essay or speech. Having the ability to write a persuasive essay will come in handy as you advance in your career. However, coming up with a persuasive speech can be quite a difficult task. You should select a subject that will capture your readers’ attention. Your essay should also be entertaining to the reader.

There are many options to choose from when writing such an essay. Here are some tips you should consider when choosing the right subject for your essay or speech.

Choose a topic that you find interesting

It will be easier to come up with content for a topic that you find interesting. It will be fun for you when writing such an essay. Your readers will also notice your enthusiasm and might get enticed to read more. 

Choose a topic that is relevant to you

It will be easy for you to write about something that you can identify with, you will have an easy time when researching.

State your position

As you start composing your essay, you ought to state your position right from the beginning. It does not matter whether you are for or against the topic. Your stand should be easily understood. Also, ensure that you include your statement in the introduction section of your essay. Include a few sentences justifying your position in the speech.

Know your audience

You need to know and understand your audience’s preferences. You need to decide if your choice of topic will interest the readers or lose them. Also, try and think of what your reader may already be aware of and what type of subject they will enjoy the most. It’s all about captivating their attention and keeping them interested all through the article.

Research your topic

A good essay should have strong arguments and have supporting evidence. Readers will have a hard time believing your speech if they can’t find some supporting truth to accompany it. Evidence will give you speech credibility and convincing power. While doing research, take note of different sources to ensure that your speech is diverse and reliable.

Several themes can help you in choosing an appropriate topic for a persuasive essay. Such include Art/culture, economics, educational, ethical, politics, health, religion, sciences, technology, and sports. Below are some sample titles for a good persuasive speech.

Art/ culture

  • Are e-books better than paper books?
  • Should it be a requirement for students to learn instruments in school?
  • Why do public schools need more art classes?


  • Why should you be buying goods made in your country?
  • Should the government increase the minimum wage?
  • Do interns need to earn a salary for their work?


  • Do school uniforms have any significant importance?
  • How can a school help in increasing a student’s learning interest?
  • Why are music and art programs termed as essential as science and maths?


  • Should guns be legal or illegal?
  • Why multiple DUI offenders should lose their licenses.
  • Should the governments allow product testing on animals?


  • Why people need to vote.
  • Should congress have a term limit?
  • What a government should do to improve its justice system.


  • Should the concerned stakeholders make assisted suicide legal?
  • Why regular workouts can help improve your health.


  • Should students have the freedom to exercise religion in school?
  • Is religion important to the government?


  • Why we need to use recyclable products.
  • Should the government allow animal and human cloning?


How good your persuasive essay is, will depend on your topic of choice and your intended audience. Follow the above guideline to aid you in making your essay effective.