What are essays

Essay writing is a practice that has been around since, quite possibly, the birth of writing and it serves many purposes in everyday life. While some people seem to have a knack for creating beautifully written pieces, the skill is one that can be developed and learned through instructions or by following the examples of great authors. Regardless of the author or style, most compositions always contain three major parts, these are the introduction, main body and conclusion. Quite general in its description, these sections can provide you with a rough outline for composing any paper and get your homework done fast.

Why compose

As intelligent beings, humans have many great ideas and experiences that we wish to share with others. You come across these compositions everyday, when you listen to the news, read a newspaper article or even listen to the stories told by your school janitor. Because of our highly social nature, humans are constantly using essays to receive and transfer information from one person to the other. To begin writing any paper, your best option may be to follow the simple outline for writing the standard paper. While this outline will not provide you with the ideas to create a master piece, it will give you the general outline required. The following points will outline the different stages of writing a good paper:


Ideas are valuable, its why big companies spend large sums in search of good, original ideas. Finding ideas can be a hard task if approached badly, the first thing to remember is not to think too hard about them, just let them happen. Brainstorming is an activity involving the recording of every thought that comes to mind, preferable topic themed.


This statement is quite useful in most writing activities as it serves to provide a sense of direction to the readers and author alike. Your hypothesis is a simple assumption based on limited information and it is used to formulate a plan of investigation focused on determining the accuracy of this assumption.

Plot development

The plot is the main theme of your story and should be developed carefully. Plot holes are to be avoided and they can ruin a good story. Most people think they can simply state the events of significance and expect their story to impact the readers, this is not true, one must carefully prime the minds of their readers in order to achieve the best results. This can be done by laying the ground work for the events to take place, describe the environment, mood, lighting and any other features of the event that may not be directly related. Effective use of clever adjectives is particularly useful here.

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